FrootVPN Review

FrootVPN Review

FrootVPN is relatively unknown and you don`t find too many reviews online. Its parent company, Edelino Commerce Inc is an IT company that focuses on Internet privacy and security, providing high-quality services and creating innovative products that protect Internet users and ensure them trouble-free secure surfing and data exchange.

FrootVPN server locations

FrootVPN Features

  • Network Kill Switch
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP
  • No-Logs policy
  • No NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Torrent and P2P Allowed
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 5 devices simultaneously
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Supports most devices

FrootVPN Privacy

FrootVPN is in the jurisdiction of Panama, which is a good place for a VPN. They don`t exchange surveillance data with other counties so even if FrootVPN would have any data points to match to a specific person it would be impossible to obtain them.

FrootVPN has a No-Logs policy like most VPNs. They do not collect any data that can identify a user or the activity of that user. Three pieces of information are stored that is needed to offer the service: Username, email address, and password.

Screenshot from FrootVPN Privacy Policy

If you look at the Privacy Policy of FrootVPN, it’s a very simple and short one. Usually, this can raise some red flags and makes you think the VPN does not take privacy seriously, especially when the Privacy Policy looks quickly thrown together with comma and capitalization errors in it. It definitely does not help build trust…


FrootVPN works with all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Linux systems, or in any of your handheld and mobile devices running iOS or Android. It also works on various routers and Chromebooks but not on Smart TVs. It`s also missing Chrome or Firefox extensions that could be useful for some people.
What’s important to note is that FrootVPN does not have iOS or Android apps you can easily download from the store and install with a single tap. You need to follow the guides and install them manually. This is definitely suited for beginners.

FrootVPN Support

Customer support is one of the key factors we consider when reviewing a VPN. To get rally high marks a 24/7 online support is essential and most VPN providers offer that. FrootVPN has that covered and the chat widget seems to be online most of the time. At the time of testing, we experienced a short waiting time or around 5 minutes. This is a bit more than usual but nothing too bad. The support agent was knowledgeable and we got the answers we needed. The second try was way longer during the money-back guarantee test.

FrootVPN support page

The FAQ of FrootVPN is very comprehensive and one of the best ones we have seen. All how-to articles are detailed and with images and screenshots to walk you through every step of installation. Some screens though seem very outdated…

You can also create email support tickets from the FAQ and Support page if you are still stuck at any point and need help.

Installation and app usage

Installing the windows app is as easy as it can be. Going through settings is not that complicated and there`s not much you can change anyways. One thing you might want to do is to turn on the Kill Switch.

FrootVPN Windows app screenshots

The app itself is nice and simple. You have a full list of servers to choose from organized alphabetically. You can also mark some servers as a Favorite to find them later in the Favorites Tab. All you need to do is click on the yellow star to mark a specific server – I would make the star icons a bit more clear though. Currently, they are all yellow and clicking on them will make them a bit darker yellow. This could be better solvers, as some dimmer monitors could make them all look the same yellow.

FrootVPN windows app

Another confusing thing is the drop-down menu each server has that only opens one item – the server itself. I`m not sure if there have been multiple options to open up but why keep a dropdown menu if there’s nothing to select from it?

Speed Test

The results are average. Some below and some above competition but nothing that stands out.

Quick Connect feature picked the closest server in Finland but the results where disappointing. 26.1% drop in download speed is well below average and fastest VPNs, like ExpressVPN, only suffer a few percentage drops in Finland.

Helsinki server test
Helsinki Speed test

London was also a bit disappointing with a drop of 61.4%, i’s not the worst but still lacking.

London Speed Test

Both USA tests were in the middle of the road with West Coast slower as anticipated due to physical distance and East Coast delivered better speed but ping was a lot slower.

California Speed Test
California Speed Test
Florida Speed Test
Florida Speed Test
Sydney Speed Test
Sydney Speed Test
CopenhaegenSpeed Test
CopenhaegenSpeed Test

FrootVPN Pricing

This is where FrootVPN has an edge and scores some points. The price plans are competitive and one of the lowest you can find. The best aspect of FrootVPNs pricing is that you can get the one-month subscription for a really low price of 4.99. Usually, most VPNs tend to ask over 10USD for the one-month purchases to move people towards the longer subscriptions.

FrootVPN Pricing

The yearly plan is 2.99 which comes close to our Best Value winner NordVPN. FrootVPN also offers the standard 30-day money-back guarantee and there were no issues getting a refund for us. We asked for it in the chat support and it was issued with no questions asked.

  • Seychelles Jurisdiction
  • No-Logs policy
  • Great pricing options
  • No mobile apps
  • No browser extensions
  • Average speeds
  • Not enough servers

Our Verdict

FrootVPN has a few things going on like the monthly price and the fact that they fall in the Seychelles jurisdiction but that’s about it. It doesn`t have mobile apps for some reason and the speed test did not show any results to be very happy about. It’s hard to imagine why a manual setup on a mobile device is needed in 2019. All-in-all a very average service so if you are looking for a good VPN we suggest looking at ExpressVPN or NordVPN

Privacy features
Ease of Use

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