VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN Features

  • 70 countries
  • 700+ servers
  • Over 200,000 IP addresses
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • VyprVPN Cloud and VyprDNS™
  • Network Kill-Switch
  • Audited No Log VPN
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Up to 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Supports multiple platforms

VyprVPN Privacy

VyprVPN is independently audited and they take privacy and online security seriously. They use 256-bit AES encryption to protect their customers and offer must-have features like DNS protection, network Kill-Switch, and public WiFi protection.

The parent company of VyprVPn, Golden Frog is based in Switzerland that has pretty good privacy laws. Switzerland does not belong to any of the surveillance alliances (Five-eyes, etc) so you have that extra feeling of security.

VyprVPN Trust page
Screenshot from VyprVPN Trust page

VyprVPN is going far and beyond to make sure they earn your trust. You can dive into their “Why Should You Trust VyprVPN?” page for a list of questions they discuss in detail to find out more.

Including others, you will find out that VyprVPN, Unlike competitors, they don’t use any 3rd-party companies to host our servers. VyprVPN also states they do not store any user data:

We do not store or share any browsing, network activity data, or DNS lookups.
We own and operate our own server and network infrastructure, including our zero-knowledge DNS service, so we can ensure that user data is not shared with any third party. This is part of our commitment to providing the highest level of user privacy.


VyprVPN is also audited by an impartial party and you can access the most recent audit done by Leviathan here.


As with most VPNs, VyprVPN has all the basics covered. You can get it for your Windows or Mac, Android or iOS. It also supports Anonabox, Blackphone, QNAP, and different routers and Smart TVs. The one thing missing is Chrome or Firefox add-ons. Looking at the apps, they are easy to use and the design is very pleasing. One thing we noticed is that the app store in the Google Play Store is 3.6 which is surprisingly low. The user rating in AppStore is a decent 4.5

Google Play Store user rating
App Store user rating

The reason people give low marks for the app seems to be a lack of support. Scrolling through the negative feedback it becomes clear that this is for sure the biggest beef people have.

VyprVPN iOS app screenshots

VyprVPN – How good is the support?

For us, the 24/7 online support worked well. We managed to talk to a real live customer rep in seconds and our questions got answered. So just based on our experience the service works well.

An installation prompt appeared when trying to connect

For us, the problem we actually had was that right after the initial installation the app wanted an update and after the update the app stopped working – not the best first impression. We got stuck in an install loop every time we wanted to connect. The chat agent offered a quick solution that worked but it required some extra time and a rebook of the PC.

VyprVPN tutorials

However, looking at the complaints people have that are public the support seems to be lacking hard for VyprVPN. For a paid service you rally expect

The support page, that is a shared resource for both VyprVPN and CYPHR has the main topics covered and are updated constantly. The knowledgebase articles where 1-5 months old mostly so you can be sure the info you get from the manuals is up to date.

VyprVPN Speed

There were some surprising results in the Speed department and although VyprVPN has some great reviews out there praising its speed, we encountered a bit mixed results.

The first default-test we always start with is the auto-connect – the app picks the best location and for us it was to Finland. Usually, we see a drop of 10% max for Finnish servers, but VyprVPN averaged around 50%. To compare, NordVPN had an astonishing result of just 2% drop in download speeds.

VyprVPN Finland speed test

A more positive result came from USA, Miami with just 35% drop. This is above average and the speed was consistently high. Los Angeles was also fast with 47% drop

VyprVPN Speed test Miami
Miami Speed Test
Los Angeles speed test
Los Angeles Speed Test

Australia and Denmark tests fell in the middle of the pack with results below some of the best VPNs but we have also seen worse results.

VyprVPN Australia speed test
Australia Speed Test
Denmark Speed test for VyprVPN
Denmark Speed Test

UK, London was also a bit disappointing delivering a massive drop of 83%

UK speed test
UK Speed Test
VyprVPN torrent test
With VyprVPN on the left, without on the right

Torrenting and Netflix

VyprVPN does not explicitly say that they support bypassing Netflix, Hulu or other geo-restricted content but it works just fine. If you want to be sure that your ISP does not detect that you are using a VPN to access blocked content get the Premium plan and you will get VyprVPN Chameleon Protocol that prevents DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) so your online traffic looks regular and does not look like going through a VPN.

Torrenting also works fine and with the strict no-logs policy that VypsVPN enforces you are in no danger of someone looking at your activities.

VyprVPN Pricing

The purchase process was a bit cumbersome and if you don`t pay attention you might buy a wrong plan. In our teste, we went for the monthly Premium plan for 12.95/mo. When creating the account I forgot to fill out the Zipcode field so the payment failed with no error message why it failed. The annoying thing that happened was that the page refreshed with my details and switched to a yearly regular plan that costs $60. If I hadn’t paid attention I would have continued to pay for a plan I didn’t want.

Another thing to note is that once you download and install the app (Windows in this case) you immediately have an update waiting once you have logged in and ready to use the app. I would assume i`m already downloading the latest build and can start using it right away.

VyprVPN pricing plans

You can pick between a Yearly and a Monthly plan and both of them have 2 options. You can either pick the regular plan or the PREMIUM.

The Premium gives you 5 simultaneous connections instead of 3, added Chameleon Protocol and VyprVPN Cloud service.

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Switzerland jurisdiction
  • Decent price for yearly plans
  • Easy to use apps
  • Multiple platform support
  • Occasional slow speeds
  • Confusing signup/payment process
  • Buggy update
  • Negative support rating in Google Play Store

VyprVPN – Our Verdict

It`s not bad but there were some things that make us not recommend VyprVPN. The disappointing speed test results for some locations, the fact that we had an unusable app after an update and the fact that we even needed an update 1 minute after downloading the app and using it.

If you are set on VyprVPN and you like their offering – get it. Use the 30-day money-back guarantee and check the app out yourself to see if the locations you need are fast. But if you want our top recommendation go for our Test Winner ExpressVPN or Best Value Winner NordVPN.

Privacy features
Ease of Use

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