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Top VPNs Ranked by Download Speed (7-Day Avg) in USA

The Live VPN Speed Test chart lets you compare the top VPNs by speed so you can pick the fastest. The quality of servers and the download speeds are one of the most important aspects of picking a VPN provider. We take out the guest work from choosing the fastest providers. The Live VPN Speed Test Tool runs fully automated download tests from our San Francisco, Germany and Hong Kong servers to visualize both the speed and the stability of each VPN provider.

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How the Global Live VPN Speed Tests are done?

The aim of the Global Live VPN Speed Test is to monitor and compare the download speeds of some of the most popular VPNs. The fully-automated tests are run once a day.All VPN speed tests are done under exactly the same conditions and at the same time (within 5 minutes of each other) eliminating any human interference or user error. We use a 500MB file that we download from San Francisco, German and Hong Kong servers and run ping tests after turning on VPN clients one by one.

The automated VPN Speed Test includes most used VPNs like: Nord VPN, Cyberghost, ExpressVPN, IP Vanish, Private Internet Access, TunnelBear, Zenmate, Proton VPN.

How to use the test tool?

Click on Detailed to view the 30-day results for a specific VPN.
Click on Review for a full review of a specific VPN with an in-depth look at all features, including Privacy Policy, jurisdiction, torrenting and streaming(Netflix, Hulu, BBC Player, Apple+, Disney+, etc.) compatibility and Price.
Click on Website to check out the official website and buy the VPN to protect your online activities.